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Mr. Dinaish Jain

Principal founder and Sr. Partner




Dinaish Jain is student of Microeconomics (Money, Distribution, and Economic Policy). He spent the last 16 years studying rural economics, and had rich & practical working studies on the transformation of society at large, changing purchasing powers, needs, and thrust for new investment modules and Digital Delivery Mechanisms. He continues his subject working in remote tribal areas of Central India. During this, he monitored the uprising of a new segment of microeconomics and completed deep and nonpareil relevance research based on socio-economic changes and financial flow at the grassroots.

His work makes a strong case for free market economics, but he is also aware of situations where the free market could be against the public interest, for example: monopolies (emphasis & influence) using various platforms for performing “designed trade’ practices, and tricky cartelization. He used this philosophy to give insights into modern-day Economic Policy. He is an advocate of welfare economics based on the principle of maximizing utility/welfare in society. He successfully completed nascent projects like Cold Energy (Cryoprocessing), All-weather Products and Micro Money, etc. Presently preparing the feasibility report on the concept of Bullion Bank.

Mr. Mohit Shukla​

Co-Founder and Nonpareil Planner

Mohit Shukla is an Indian political strategist. He joined Bhartiya Janta Party way back in 2007. Initially trained in Computer Science & Engineering, Mohit has worked for the Loksabha Elections of 2014 & 2019 & State elections of Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan after since his entry into Indian politics. However, he came to wider public attention when he was elected as the State Vice Chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society, Madhya Pradesh in 2018. Currently Mohit is Convener of the election war Room (Communication Center) of the Bhartiya Janta Party.

Some of the key roles played by Mohit in his career so far includes Establishment of NRI Info Infra Pvt. Ltd on Overseas Indian Topics, He was Honorary Regional Director of SME Chamber of India since 2012-16, He Organized Committee Secretary Vastu Panorama in year 2012.In 2008 He planned & managed the full tour program of the Chief minister & star campaigners.

Establishment of NRI Info & Infra P Ltd on NRI subject
Regular participant Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2007 to 2023
Honorary Regional Director SME Chamber of India 2012-16
Event Simati Sichav Vastu Panorama 2012
Elected Member State Management Committee Indian Red Cross Society MP 2015
The year 2018 Elected State Vice-Chairman Indian Red Cross Society Madhya Pradesh
The year 2019 Elected State Chairman Indian Red Cross Society Madhya Pradesh
The year 2023 Member State Public Service Agency Central Executive Government of Madhya Pradesh
The year 2023 Elected Chairman newly formed Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Information and Advanced Technology Association limited

Mr. Prakash Jain

Co-Founder and Head of Management

Expert in planning and evaluation meetings to identify problems and propose smart business solutions. Very good at Training the planning team interns on schedules and Operational Management. He has handled various tasks of troubleshooting and timeline setting in legal compliance. Smart hand and expert in money matters & Micro-finance and Human Resources.

Mr. Soumya Jain​


(Member, Advisory Board of Treejya)

An lIM graduate, with hands-on experience in campaign management, digital marketing strategy, and content creation for B2B & B2C customers. Objective, data-driven, and proficient in translating the business objectives to the KPIs. Achieved Rank 1 for academic performance in term 1 of MBA in a section strength of 69 students Among the top 5% of the MBA 2020-22 batch of IIM Udaipur. Collaborated closely with top management to drive the digital transformation initiative across the entire group Developed & led successful marketing campaigns across digital platforms

Mr. Saiyam Jain​

Chartered Accountant

(Member, Advisory Board of Treejya)

 Analysis of a company’s financial statements and its subsidiaries, identifying complex fund trails and end use of the fund availed from lenders and establishing links between various connected entities through the information available in the public domain. Critical analysis of covenants mentioned in the sanction letter of the fund facility and ensure the compliance of the same; Checking fund movements and identification of Diversion and Siphoning of funds. 

Assisted several Transaction audits of companies engaged in the power and shipping business on behalf of lenders in the power and shipping industry having total exposure of ~ INR 2500 crores on a group level. Assisted various forensic audit assignments where the work included:

Conducted ASM Assignment for Lenders of a company engaged in the business of diamond polishing and exports. Conducted an in-depth analysis of transactions and fund movements between a private limited company and its 30 associate entities engaged in the business of real estate and slum rehabilitation projects. Prepared a project report and a presentation on Bullion Banking for fund raising.

“ भला करतें रहिये…!
अच्छाईयाँ लौटकर आती है..

अनायास और आश्चर्यजनक …!! ”

Dinaish Jain

“ असहमति को स्थान नही…?
यहीं पतन का प्रारम्भ बिन्दु..!!
Shadow must…!!”

Dinaish Jain

“ प्रिय, आज्ञाकारी और चाटुकार को अवसर पहले मिलता है..
योग्यता अवसर न चुकें.. नहीं तो भाग्य भी साथ नही देगा..!! ”

Dinaish Jain

“ रक्षा पक्तीं में सुधार …
प्रत्योत्तर में तेजी…
यह कुशल रणनीति है..! ”

Dinaish Jain

लय, सुर और ताल ठीक नही..
Instruments से छेडछाड…
परिणाम सिर्फ Cacophony..!!

Dinaish Jain

दिशा सही…
सड़क वहीं…
सड़क पर चलने के
नियम वहीं …!
बैलगाड़ी चालक
बिना प्रेक्टिस के
BMW नहीं चला सकता..!!
Different mode..!
Different Drive..!!

Dinaish Jain

Lost in Between

पहले सम्मान मिलता है ..,
फिर दायित्व दिया जाता है ..!
आपकी स्वतंत्रता खत्म हो जाती हैं ..!!

Dinaish Jain

हमेशा Young होती हैं ..!
अनुभव हमेशा Old…!!
दौर Youngsters का हैं ,
अनुभव थोड़ा Update हो जा..!!!

Dinaish Jain

खुद के ” पसीने ” से
कारगर कोई Face Pack नहीं..!!
मुस्कान के बगैर
Welcome कहाँ सम्भव…!!

Dinaish Jain

90% लोग प्रतिभाशाली होते है…!
बस ..
उसमें से ९५% लोग
या तो समझौता कर लेते है
या Flattery में
प्रतिभा नष्ट कर लेते है…!!

Dinaish Jain

जिस Moments
अपनी लगाम दुसरें के
हाथ में देते है….
आप अपनी चाल और Ability
दोनों खो बैठते है…!!
अब आप किसी ओर के
लिये Designed है…!!!
Following is better, Rather
than Ruled by Other…!!

Dinaish Jain

Competition में
Participate करनेवाले
Real Hero है…!
अपना श्रेष्ठ Perform करें..!!
हार- जीत प्रारब्ध..!!

Dinaish Jain

Positive Attitude से
प्राप्त सफलता कहलाती है..

Dinaish Jain

SYSTEM शब्द में
एक बुराई है…
हमेशा Update रहना पसंद है,
…इसमें वफा नहीं होती..!
इसलिये .. इसके
शिखर और Nails
बदलते रहते है..!!
Stay U p d a t e.

Dinaish Jain

तालीयाँ सभी को
नसीब नहीं होती..!
मिलता जरूर है..!!

Be Ready for Action.

Dinaish Jain

“समय ”
एक दुर्लभ संसाधन है ,
सही प्रबंधन
आवश्यक है…!!

Dinaish Jain

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